How to delete the Tasks or transactions from MWS

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I have so many tasks (transactions) in MWS,which causing the slowness of MWS function. Could you please help me to delete or reject multiple tasks at a time.

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Good option is to get the task expiration set. And you can very well search and delete multiple task instances in task engine monitoring at one go or deleting all the instances from the task engine administration.


In addition to the previous post there is an option that you can automate the deletion of tasks via a scheduled rule service. To do so log in as Administrator in MWS under Administration > Tasks > Task Engine Administration > Global Schedule Rules you can find the “Delete Task Rule” which is active per default. The scheduled service configured there will delete all completed, canceled and expired tasks after 30 days (default). By altering this rule you can automate the task deletion according to your needs.


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Manjunath and Gerold,

We used the Global Schedule Rules feature to delete the tasks which are in completed state, but one issue what we faced here is, it even deletes the Completed task instances of a Running Process which creates a break in the process life cycle. We worked with SAG and they gave us some fix which only deletes the task which are in completed state of a completed process instance.

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How can I make sure that the task was working well, because I saw the schedule was not working.
Nothing is deleted.