How to delete 'system tasks' in IS Admin console

Hello All,

 I have one issue with 'system task' which is scheduled in admin console page wm.server.dispatcher:deleteExpiredUUID. I wanted to delete this task from admin console. Because of this, my logs are filled up with below error messages.

I dont know who has configured from where and how? actually IS’s are in cluster. only one server is having this system task and other doesnt have.

can anybody help me to resolve this?

[TABLE=“class: tableView”]
[TD=“class: oddrow-l”]watt.server.dispatcher:deleteExpiredUUID

[TD=“class: oddrow-l”] Failed to remove the expired entries from the document history table. See server log for details. [/TD]

You can check the error detail in the Error log to see why it’s failing.
normally, it’s due to missing JDBC setting or missing tables.
Check under:
Settings > JDBC Pools
if your functional alias: “DocumentHistory” has a pool alias assigned to it.
if yes, you should check if Document History tables are created in that DB

Thank for your reply. I believe that is general error “failed to remove documents from document history table”. There are no docs in history table.

But I wanted to remove the task wm.server.dispatcher.expiredUUID from admin console. From where it can be configured? Is it from server config file?

waiting for ur reply. :slight_smile:

That’s a system task, you normally don’t want to remove it. (If you still do, you may want to open a ticket with SAG).

I guess what’s borthering you is the Failing of the job, not the job itself. So, if you have more error detail than “failed to remove documents from document history table”, you can post here, so someone can help. Have you checked the things i mentioned in last post?

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