How to debug flow service


I think the best thing you can do is to add a savePipelineToFile at the beginning of the to be invoked flow service. After that you can use restorePipelineFromFile to debug the service and find out why the PO is being rejected.



Which tutorial are you talking about?
Are you testing services in the WmSamples or WmTNSamples package?

For general debugging use the savepipeline/restorepipeline services in the beginning flow steps and step thru the will catch the problem.


Also one more point,When ever TM ProcessingRule routes the PORequest to a flowservice once you do the restorepipeline you should see the “bizdoc” record/document in the pipeline.make sure it does showing.

hi all,
i got a error while executing flow service from browser…
that service is add two ints…it takes two inputs gives result as add of that two numberes
This is error:
$errorDump a1.add:add1 at at at at at
$errorInfo $errorDump a1.add:add1 at at at at at
$error a1.add:add1
$localizedError a1.add:add1
$user Default
$time 2004-12-21 13:30:53 EST

$error a1.add:add1

thanks in advance

In Developer, is the service named “add1”? Is it in a folder hierarchy that is a1 –> add? The easiest thing to do to get the right URL is in Developer, open the service you want and then select Test | Run in Browser from the menu. You’ll see the appropriate URL when the browser opens.