How to create User Task with publishable document type in a process?

Hi experts,

           I am using IS 8.2. I have created a process, below is the flow.

Start Message–>Abstract Activity (Approve Doc)–>Service Task(Send Message)

Created a publishable document type, assigned to StartMessage. Here in abstract Activity, i want create a User Task with the input publishable document type. I created the User Task as follows.

Right click on Abstract Type–>Create implementation → New User Task. Its created. How can i invoke and where can i approve the document manually. Please post your suggestions.
Thank you.

I’m wondering, are you still looking for answer for this issue?


Yes i am waiting for your response.

In fact you can complete task in may way that WM stack provides, couple best options that i can see,

  • Go the process instance from Monitoring link in MwS, click details from and you can see you task is listed down, you can open that and update and complete. Or build a portlet to complete task.

  • from IS, you can use built in services from WmTaskClient, i.e pub.task.taskclient:updateTask

  • Out of the box, create WSD which searchTask and update.

let me know if you need anything.



I think for detailed help, you may also check the demos section of this forum for “MWS, CAF and Task Engine”.

Amit Gahlot