How to create string with ASCII 31 character as delimiter between records

Hello ,
i have to create a delimiter file with non-printable character(ASCII 31) as delimiter.
i am getting xml file as input. and i am crerating the record form it and adding header and trailer records for it, and finally creating the string using the runStringTemplate service.but i don’t know how to separate this string with this delimiter.can anybody give me some help’s urgent.

Will pub.string.tokenize work here?

no. it will create tokens for me.i want to create a single string with delimiters.

Take a look at for a technique you can use to get a non-printable character. You may need to make some adjustments to do exactly what you want. You could also just do your own Java service, “getDelimiter31” to simply return what you need.

create the file using comma delimiter then invoke a Java Service using .Replace(x,y)

How can one type ASCII 31 at the keyboard to pass the right parm to replace? You can’t. That’s why you need a Java service to return a string holding the character that has been converted from another representation (e.g. convert decimal 31 to a character). Once you have that, then on can use it as a delimiter for makeString, as one of the parms to concat, etc.

Hi Rob,

sure you can type char(31): Hold the ALT-key and type [3] and [1] on the number pad. Release ALT-key. Thats how I do it. Doesn’work for all sequences, though.


Nor in all environments. Good tip though.