How to create IS Record from XML..?

Hi All,
we are trying to convert XML into IS Record… (we actually have a select service for our adapter which fetches the data from the database and the user can choose their mode of output(like String, IData…and IS Record)…

The query returns the result in xml format which needs to be convertes into IS Record.

We tried using pub.web:stringtoDocument and pub.web:documenttoRecord… but got struck in mapping the output for the second one…

how to specify the output format for the service…? ie how to map the output to a specified doctype.

Regards, Aravind

IData and IS Record are the same thing.

Accept an input parameter in your adapter service that indicates the IS document type name to use for the pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument call. The pub.web services are deprecated and should be avoided. Use the pub.xml services instead.

Another approach is to just return the XML string and let the caller manipulate that as needed.

Hi Reamon,

I am not able to execute pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument successfully. Do i need to map it with any other service…?

We need to map the XML output to the already existing doctype.

Regards, Aravind

What errors are you seeing? Are you passing all the necessary inputs?

Hi Reamon,

Iam just passing the documenttype name and it is not giving any errors.

What inputs i need to pass for that service.

Regards, Aravind

Review the Built-in Services Reference for the required inputs. At a minimum you’ll need to pass an xml node object.

Hi Reamon,

  1. When i execute the xmlNodetoDocument alone…by providing the doctypename…itz jus displaying the same in the output…

2)For the service pub.xml:xmlNodetoDocument… inorder to provide the xmlnode input … iam using pub.xml:xmlStringtoXMLNode… and

i have just exported the pipeline locally and pasted the contents below…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> false test:FirstDoctype VENTANA 18 This yacht 147 is a big ship family yacht. Convenient but slow.
GULFSTAR 55 1700 480 170 112 84 202 8
147 yacht147.jpg

It has no effect on the doctypename which iam passing…even without that the output is same…

Regards, Aravind

It appears to me that the conversion to an IS document has worked. All the <value name… tags are the string representation of the IS document.

What are you not seeing that you’re expecting to see?

Hi Reamon,

We just were curious about getting that doctypename in there instead of document in the output.

When the user wants the output as IS Records, we have an option for the user to select the doctypename… and thus the curiosity… :slight_smile:

I think this is fine with us. Thanks for all the replies Rob…

Regards, Aravind

Hi All,

When we execute our createDocType service, it creates the new doctype plus an additional schema node.

if the record name is test, it creates the schema name as schema_test.

How to remove it…?

Thanks & Regards, Aravind