How to create and send a custom MDN response

Hello community,

For a TN partner who is sending us a xml message I need to construct a MDN response from scratch and send it back. This custom solution came from the fact that we are not receiving an EDIFACT message from what MDN would be generated automatically in wM.

Any idea or suggestion about how to cinstruct a MDN response or better solution would be helpful for me.

Many thanks.


MDN can be auto generated using EDIINT module integrated to TN for both Inbound and Outbound AS2 requests…

Are you trying to use EDIINT module for processing your EDIFACT payloads?


Hi ,

The payload received is an xml so we could not use EDIINT. However Partner requires a MDN response. So the idea is to create a MDN response manually and send it to this Partner and I’m looking for the best way to do it !