How to create an alias for the webservice URL?

Is there an option in webMethods for to create alias for the ws url ?

for the url - http://testserver:5555/ws/provider:soapcall
I’m looking forward for the url as - http://testserver:5555/ws/testCall (something like this)

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Did you look in the ISAdmin and create web service end point alias for Consumer/Provider (although you are not asking about this?) and I believe /ws/ is a must in the call.


You can create the alias from IS admin page. I assume you can also create a http url alias from the developer (wM 8.2 and above) from the flow step properties. Kindly check that also.

Yes it could be either options but /ws/ can it be work with out it?

Yes RMG, I agree with you, we can change only the port details( localhost and port ) from end point alias.

/ws/ directive is ok to have. But I’m concerned with the tail :wink: :slight_smile: .: this is not so fancy to share with external partners. And also it will be difficult in case there is a change in folder structure at our end ( partner has to change the path again)

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That alias is for http aliases. Can you suggest for webservice alias ?


Yes I got you. But I don’t know any other alternate way to get rid of folder:serviceName and to give a fancy name :smiley:


For alias create you can create a soapprocessor and register it and then you can edit that name in SOAPUI as
http:\servername:port\soap\name of processor

What alias you mean but it sounds you are advising to register a new SOAP handler request and point it in the URL should work?

And also \soap\ isn’t old way of convention rather than new \ws?


Yes your suggestion is fine.but if he want to change the alias and want to call that alias by different name then registersoapprocessor service use and then give the directive name as he want.