How to create a process using webmethods & webservice


I’m a newbie to webMethods.:o I would like to write a program to automate a process that I have to do everyday.

I have to run sql plus 8.0 to execute a .sql file to generate a log file that then gets uploaded to an FTP site. The .sql file is a select statement to extract information from the database.

Also the folder in the FTP site has a file which I need to backup to the local pc before I do the upload.

I would like to automate this using webMethods but have no idea how. :confused:

Any feed back as to where to get started or some hints would be much appreciate. :proud:

I have joined webMethodAdvantage site for tutorial and guide as a start so any feedback would really help me have a better understanding of what needs to be done.

Thanks in advance for your time,


What you describe can be done using a simple Flow service which invokes a JDBC Adapter Serivice and uses the built-in services for FTP.

After working through the Developer 4.6 tutorial, study the JDBC Adapter User’s Guide and Built-In Services Guide.

Thanks Mark, I’ll look into that and give it a try.