How to create a java service

Hello Friends,

I do not know how to set compiler’s path for java services in WebMethods Developer. Pls help me to solve out this problem.


Which compiler path do you mean?

I mean Java Compiler Path. When I opened server.bat file in notepad I noted that at some points java path was mentioned but when I try to modify then server was not running. so pls advice me some solution.
thankx in advance

This question has been asked and answered many times on wMUsers. Please use the search function and search for “watt.server.compile”.


Hi Kapil,

I am not an expert but I am working on webMethod’s XPI.
I have configured java compiler through http://:5555/WmRoot/settings-extended.dsp?mode=edit
U can use this path to configure the path e.g. WmRoot/settings-extended.dsp?mode=edit=D:\PeopleSoft\xpi\jvm\win.sun13\bin\javac.exe -classpath {0} -d {1} {2}