How to create a flat file schema (Connector) in Integration?

How to create a flat file schema (Connector) in web method IO Integration?

It’s within the connectors tab

Hii ,

How can we edit the Connector name , if same connector we have to use in different service with different name ?

Can i get any update ?

Any specific reason why you are looking for different name with same connector details ??

If your requirement still needs that then you need to create new connector with different name :slight_smile:


Yes , there might be a scenario in FF where same connector or schema is used for multiple maps , so instead of manually creating the same schema again , I was looking for a way to rename the previous connector and used in the other projects .

Is there any way to copy a connector from one project to another project as we have requirements to use same connectors in different projects . how can i achieve this ?


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