How to create a Delta/Incremental KPI in MWS/Optimize v7.0?

We use MWS/Optimize for Infrastructure v7.0 to monitor the performances of the flow services on various webM Intergation Servers (v6.1).

For this purpose, we have used the 3 KPIs:
1> Cumulative Count of IS Service Run.
2> Cumulative Run-Time Taken by IS Service.
3> Average Run-Time Taken by IS Service (which is Cumulative Run-Time devided by Cumulative Count).

Now we want to have 3 more KPIs which gives Delta values for each time period:
1> Count of IS Service Run for the time period.
2> Total Run-Time Taken by IS Service for the time period.
3> Average Run-Time Taken by the IS Service for that time period.

Please let me know how can I get these Delta value for each time period in the graph. Looks like the v6.5 of MWS/Optimize had the DELTA available.
But the current v7.0 has got rid of DELTA.

How can I implement this DELTA (values in each time period) in v7.0?

Bhawesh Singh.

I’m facing the same problem.

It seems that the “Delta” calculation method has been deprecated but I’m unable to find an alternative.

I would need it to see if BrokerDocument are being retrieved from the queue’s.