How to create a batch job in Webmethods?

Is is possible to create a batch job so that other program can call B2B services?

We are using JD Edwards and we need to be able to call a webmethods scheduler on JDE side. Can anyone show me how to create a batch job in Webmethods or any other approaches?


Can you explain the desired interaction between JDE and IS in a bit more detail? There are services you can call to establish scheduled tasks but before we go down that road, I want to confirm that you’re really trying to set up new scheduled tasks from JDE. Would they be one-time, periodic or complex?

We are looking to stream line a job which starts from JDE to eventually kicking off a process/schedule job in webmethod. Currently we have two separate schedule jobs.; one in jde and another in webmethod.
The one in webmethod does not have to be a schedule job as long as jde can some trigger it.

Sounds like you just need JDE to invoke a service on IS, whenever it deems appropriate.

I’m not familiar with JDE in depth, but can you set it up to do an HTTP post? If so, have JDE invoke the service that you were scheduling. If you want control to return to JDE before the service is finished, write a wrapper service that kicks off the real service in a thread and returns immediately to JDE.

You can use many methods … one suggested already would be to invoke a WM service via HTTP from JDE, but also you can drop a file where a WebMethods FilePoller is setup to listen, or you can ftp/put a file to a FTP listener setup in WebMethods.