How to count the service hit port wise

I have opened 3 HTTP ports in wM IS 7.1.2 and want to count the number of service hits specific to port. I have exposed a service in wM IS and using a soap client to invoke the service via different ports that are opened in webM IS.

I tried opening in different ports the Admin UI , but it shows the total of hits not specific for individual ports.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can achieve this by using service level auditing and IS Core Audit JDBC Pool configuration. Each time service gets invoked, this information will get stored into WMSERVICE table of the JDBC Pool and you can find out count using serverid as it will be different for each port.

Thanks for your reply and will try the same. But for the workaround , we just increased the logging level and server.log has the details of server and port number that it invokes. We are currently just using simple unix scripts to grep on different ports.