How To convert XSD file To Wm-IS Documentype?

Hi All,

I have received a requirement from my client where i need to do Mapping between two different estandard documents ie
OAG(open application guide) To Rosetta Net Pip structure(PIP)…
i have xsd file with me but i don’t know how to convert into IS document Type?

Has anyone converted XSD file into Wm-IS document type?


webMethods Developer >> File >> New >> Document Type >> Give a name >> XML Schema >> Locate the file >> Finish

thanks senthil for reply
i have tried the way you have suggest me to create IS document type but while creating i am getting warning in developer
basically i want to create IS documentType from .xsd file without namespace?
i am able to see wmIs documenttype but it’s has created with namespace like
would you suggest me to convert that xsd file into xml & then convert into IS document In this way i feel i am able to ignore namespace tag?


If you are not concerned about the namespaces, you can remove them in xsd file and create IS document with that.

I dont prefer converting xsd to xml and then to IS… the xml data may differ as per different tools i think.

Hi Mate,

I did tried converting the xsd into IS documetn has advised by Mr.Senthil but when i do select the xsd file in locate step it is throwin an exception stating tat file could not be found…even though the file is present in tat structure… Should the file be placed in any sspecific location ? Please advise at the earliest.

Ragav J

It is straight forward File > New > Document Type > XSD > select the file through browse button… dont try to give the path instead browse and select xsd… Must be doing some minor mistake I believe…


Hi ,

Thanks for your reply Mr. Senthil. I have tried the same way like you have mentioned(directly browse). But still the developer throws out Cannot find the file :(. We are using 7.1.2 version…Can you please advise any solutions for this…? Not sure whether there might be any issue with XSD.

Ragav J