Conversion of xsd file to an IS document.

Hi Team,

Can any one please advise whether is there way in developer to convert the .xsd file into an IS document type.

If so please advise me at the earliest.

Ragav J


In Developer create a IS Document Type from the required .xsd (schema) file. In this way you can convert it accordingly.

Hope this helps you.


Hi Nag,

Thanks for your reply .I tried in that way File->newdocument->fromXMLSchema->Browse the location of that xsd. But developer throws out an error showing cannot find the file.I use the developer in My machine and connect to the server in another remote machine and tried it. I also tried the other way like logging into the Remote machine and connected and still i get the same error. This is a small issue somewhere but donno where it is …
Please advise me.

Ragav J


Developer needs to be able to parse all the import / include statements you may have in your xsd. Check any import statements in the xsd, and make sure any relative paths are valid from the location of the xsd you are generating the IS doc from…

Failing that, it would help if you could post the xsd and / or error…

Hope this helps,