Error when creating IS document from xsd document

Hello All

I am trying to create an IS document from an xsd file. I am doing like this New–>DocumentType—>XML Schema and browsing the xsd location. Getting the below error.

Could not use that DTD or XML document
com.wm.driver.comm.b2b.WmCommException: [[null] null] [null] null

What version and fix of the IS?

There are probably 2 reason:

  1. A bug in the XSD.
  2. Need to apply fix for the IS.

Thank You for the reply!
We are using IS

Can you please tell me the fix name i would require?

The IS version I am using was 7.1.2 and applying IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix30 resolved the problem.

I cant find any similar fix apply for IS 7.1.1 :sad:

If possible pls apply to the latest IS.7.1.1 Core Fix 19 and reproduce the process in testing environment to avoid the production down.

Have you validate that XSD bug free?

I validated the xsd and it looks good. I read Core fix 7_1_12 and this looks to resolve the issue. Have proposed it to the admin team.