How to convert the bizdoc obtained from tn into xml Document amp map the xml document into canon ...

I am new to WebMethods… I would be obliged if anybody would tell me How to convert the bizdoc obtained from tn into xml Document & map the xml document into canonical xml form using XSLT…


Basically you have set the service input signature as bizdocEnvelope(specification)this exist in WmTN Pacakge of folder and look for the above specification.So when TN rule invokes this processing service the bizdoc object will be in the pipeline then map bizdoc/content(bytes) and convert this using bytesToString(gives xmlstring).further steps are
XMLStringToDocument(gives XML Node)
DocumentToXMLNode(thsi parses the Node to Document(XML document)
Map to your canonical document as per your requirement using XSLT transformation services (WmXSLT adapter) etc…

Check the documentation for how to use of above basic services.


Thanx RMG…

It helped me a lot… Can u help me with writing XSLT mapping rules?


Did you installed WmXSLT adapter on IS?

Please go thru the tutorials of XSLT adapter transformation services and for performing XSLT mapping you can use clients such as XMLSPY or StylusStudio…

Also keyword search in google for XSLT functions,rules etc…it will take you to the W3c org site.


Thanx RMG,