How to convert Reporting Mode files to Structured Mode

Is there any utility that migrates Reporting Mode files to Structured Mode.

… sounds like Natural Engineer does something like that.

Yes, Natural Engineer (NEE) has a “Mode Conversion” Utility which converts Reporting Mode to Structured Mode …
But of course, one must purchase NEE :wink:

Thanks for the reply.

It is possible to use this Natural Engineer on library loaded in Natural for windows.

Yes Tushar,

Natural Engineer 6.2.1 is the latest version for Windows, but I suspect it has a trial version :?: . Need to purchase.


does anyone know if there is other software instead of nee that convert “automatically” report to structure mode?


I am not aware of any, but you do not need to buy NEE, you can just offload the
sources and Software AG will do the conversion for a nominal fee.

There is the question of why the code is being converted in the first place.


Hi Steve,

one of the reasons to convert is to be prepared to use with other tecnology. Almost all software for this purpose work only in structured mode.

I would like to know/have other companies/solutions options.


What is the problem with having Software AG do the conversion for you ?

How many report mode modules are we talking about here ?

John, what type of technology are you referring to? Object code, of course, does not distinguish between report and structured mode. Thus, the only software I can imagine that would work with only structured mode is software that only works with source code.



I am talking about 100,000 objects, and 70% of them are in report mode.

Almost all software that propose to migrate the applications to other technology, such as Natural to Cobol, Natural to Java, Natural to .net…, uses source code to do the process to migrate it, and the sources would need to be in structured mode.


Good luck in converting such a large system to “something else”.

I don’t understand why shops, rather than building on that solid
foundation and enhancing it, throw away their assets and dive into
something that I have never seen to perform anywhere near what
was there before, but anyway, not my business, not my money :wink:

Looks to me like you’ve got two options:

  • Let Software AG convert these 70k objetcs for you
  • Ask the vendors of “other software” to understand report mode

If you use one of the “converters” you mentioned, you wind up with bad Cobol code, or bad Java code, or bad .net code.

Check around with shops who have tried this. They will tell you no self respecting Java programmer (to use just one example), would ever write code produced by such a converter. You will wind up with a maintenance nightmare.

Ask a vendor to convert a few objects for you. Then turn them over to a good programmer in the target language for a critique. You will get quite an earful.