Special Zaps, Report, and Tools


I have 3 doubts, and I wonder if anyone could help me.

  1. Does anyone know how to get (if it is possible without testing…) a report for some bugs on NAT316? On this report, I need to point the objects impacted. It was created special zaps – NAT44106 – Update without Hold, NAT42003 and NA46039 – alphanumeric and numeric handling?

  2. Does anyone know if there will be a Natural version where REPORT mode won’t be supported? I have seen no information about it, and I see nothing on release notes. Have anyone hear it?

  3. Does anyone know if there are any tools, software, …that allow to test the application and to be able to compare the results? It would be great that software could be set or run automatically.

thank you.


Hi “John”,

If you have product support from Software AG, you can easily find all fixes that were written for Natural v3.1.6 under Fix Explorer in Empower. As well you can get the last “all zaps, source changes and INPLs” for that release, which contains many since it was the last SM for version 3.1.

NA46039 was specifically written for NAT316. NA44106 was for NAT314 and NA42003 was for NAT312. Both of those should have been included in base NAT316 anyway, though some had fixes written later for them or were withdrawn. NA42003, for example, caused value buffer issues by incorrectly generating it as x’404040’ when it should have been x’F0F0F0’.

My recommendation is to upgrade to something current (Natural 4.2.x at least if not version eight), and ask support for any special purpose zaps you require rather than looking for fixes for something as old as v3.1.6.

As for reporting mode, it’s been going away for about 20 years. I don’t think it will ever be dropped, though structured mode is definitely preferable for many reasons.

Finally, there is a tool called LoadRunner which I used a few years ago to simulate many concurrent online users. I am sure the technology has even advanced since then, so there is at least one option.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the answers, but, the idea is not to request a special zap, it was developed in the past, and the idea is to fix the applications, and however, it would better to know if the applications that would have these problems. As I said, to test them, the company needs to pay for the third-party, and CIO thinks that they would pay less if there had a report with the application list that maybe would have these problems.

About Report Mode, I have the same position, there are many companies in the worldwide that still using (or have) the application in Report Mode, and it would be a craziness to drop this functionality. Besides this, I see no information about it.

So, I am not sure if LOAD Runner would be the solution that allows me to check the results automatically. Is this product an HP product? Remember, the idea is not to get the best performance (at this moment), it is to know if the results would be the same than the old version. I am using MF environment.

Anyway, I appreciated it a lot your answer, and I would be glad to hear from you or anyone else, any consideration.


I think: Don’t worry. Even in the lastest versions of Natural and NaturalONE, there is a report mode…