How to convert from xml file to idoc format

Good Morning…

Any one can u help me how to convert from xml file to idoc format i am new of this web methods.

thanks in advance.

Do you have any questions from your review of the webMethods (it’s not “web methods”) Integration Server (IS) AND SAP Adapter documentation?

Good Morning.

I wnat to conver xml file to iDOC in Developer and i want to send that to SAP DB .

can u help me in this issue.

Thanks in advance.


As Rob said it is mentioned in SAPAdapter userguide,please check it.

Basically you have to explicitly map your XML to IDOC document structure(eg:ORDERS05 or INVOIC01 etc…) and call this service to convert it to IDOC transformHierarchyToFlat (see the userguide for more info how to use this service).Once you are OK with IDOC format then process it to SAP via OutboundProcess.