How to convert BLOB to xml...

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Anyone please let me know how to convert BLOB data that we are pulling from a oracle table into a xml file or data.

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I am having the same problem…

Use SQL developer like tools, save the blob object locally in the file system and rename with .xml extension. You can see the XML version of it… If you are working with Process models, change the extension to .process and import into Designer. You will be able to see the process… Process is nothing but behind the scenes a XML…


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Thank you for the reply.

What I need to do is store a excel file into de DB for historic purposes.
I then need to be able to get the file from the DB and in the InternetExplorer give it to the client.

Any thoughts?

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You can try toad for ORacle or DB2 based on the DB you are using. IT gives you the flexibility to pull the Blob as XML data .

Also if you want you can overtide the existing data from a old backup. Depends on which version of toad you are using.

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wM 6.5 onwards,

Oracle-Specific Enhancements
Support for the Oracle CLOB and BLOB Data Types
The adapter now supports the Oracle-specific CLOB and BLOB data types (java.sql.Clob and java.sql.Blob) as input parameter data types for use in adapter services.

Streaming Support of BLOB and CLOB Data with Oracle Databases
In earlier versions of the adapter, the adapter only supported the byte array and String data types when retrieving BLOB or CLOB fields. However, users sometimes encountered out of memory errors when converting large BLOB data into bytes. This version of the adapter introduces two new data types, for CLOB and for BLOB, to support the streaming of byte data when working with Oracle databases.

So try AdapterService templates built-in and you shoud be able to get to what you need!!!