How to consume a REST service that has authentication and store the JSON to database

I am new to webMethods and need to do the following as POC for evaluating the product. I am using webMethods 9.8 (Integration Server and AG Designer)

  1. I need to retrieve JSON data provided by a REST URL (access through login and password)
  2. Save the raw JSON to database
  3. Deconstruct the JSON and store in different tables for reporting needs

What are the required flow steps in webMethods to

  1. Call the REST URL
  2. Pass authentication information
  3. Configure JDBC Adapter
  4. Retrieve and store the JSON
  5. Deconstruct JSON and
  6. Send OK message to the REST service provider


  1. See service pub.client:http in the Built-in Services guide
  2. Same
  3. See InsertSQL services in the JDBC Adapter User’s guide
    4 and 5. See services pub.json:jsonStreamToDocument and use a MAP step to map the document to the JDBC service
  4. See service pub.flow:setResponse2

BIS Guide:

JDBC Guide:

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It’s better to start with Designer, Integration Server. Once after familiar on this, please follow lines given by Percio.


Thanks for the guidance. In the process of trying the steps outlined. Sorry for delayed response as I was traveling last week.

Viswanath --Did you able to finish the poc ? Let me know if you stuck in b/w.


Thanks for following up MSR. I am making some progress but kind of stuck as I am getting the handshake errors as discussed in the other post.