How to connect to thales HSM device

Hi All,

We have one requirement while sending request to Bankservs thirdparty application we need to send working key(ZMK) and pin translation (ZPK) with encrypted data.

for working key generation and pin translation module we need connect to thales HSM device via TCP/IP or UDP protocol and execute the HSM commands like AO command and CI commands to get working key and pin translation.

Can any one help how to establish the HSM and connection and execute the commands by preparing I/P and O/P’s.

Can we achieve in webMethods IS?, Please share me how can we?

we are using wm8.2SP1 version.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

It’s a greek to me! but :smiley:

Can those commands work on OS level/unix/linux? If so you can execute OS commands from IS service would that execution work for you?



From what you mentioned above, you can interact with the device using tcp\ip Socket.

You will have to write a java service to send\receive data on a socket(port) to the device(IP).
Execute the commands on the device using the Java Process class.
Send the results of the command from Device back to WM on the socket using the same Java service.

Overall this is a basic socket programming exercise with some learning curve on the commands that need to be executed on the device.