How to configure EDA in Presto


in 9-9_Presto_Installation_and_Administration_Guide, Page 161 I find this:

To identiy the Event Type Store directory:

  1. Click Admin Console in the Presto Hub main menu.
  2. Click Event Service to expand this section of the Administration menu.
  3. Click Event Service. The Event Service page will be displayed.
  4. Open the EDA tab.
  5. Click Event Type Store directory.
  6. Enter the path to the local Event Type Store in the Event Type Store directory field.
  7. Click Save.
    Your changes are applied.

What is an Event Type Store directory? What should be in this directory? xsd files? xml? Is this a directory I can create by myself?


Alexander Enns

I’ve found the solution:

Put your .xsd files in <SoftwareAG99_root>\common\EventTypeStore

Hi Alex,

From above posts, looks like you have successfully configured EDA Connection in Mashzone. I am trying to configure to same but getting error. I am trying to connect to UM and subscribe events. My connection is failing with errors like :
Unable to establish connection to URL “http://:17103/rtbs/services/administrationService?wsdl”. Please check the proxy settings and whether the connection is available under the specified URL.
Its not able to load Connection Factories.

Could you please help?