How to configure Dead letter queue in webmethods 10.3?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to configure the dead letter queue in universal messaging.
can anyone help me to create and configuration procedure?
Thanks in Advance…!!!

Hi Pranitha,

If you trying to configure it for native stores , Then below is the client API’s that you use to configure.
i.e create a dead-event queue
nChannelAttributes deadca = new nChannelAttributes(DLQ_NAME);
nQueue dead = sess.createQueue(deadca);
and then
nChannelAttributes nca = new nChannelAttributes(TOPIC_NAME);

You can do the same using Enterprise manager
Just to add on that broker’s dead letter queue & UM dead event store differs in functionality.

Let me know if you need further help on it.

Hi Pranitha,

Just adding to what Vijaya commented already.

There are couple of samples which you can find the 10.3 installation client samples folder(<>\UniversalMessaging\java\examples\com\pcbsys\nirvana\apps). I have attached them for your reference.

There are couple of (16.1 KB) (14.5 KB)

Hope this helps.


Hi Vijaya and Anil
Thank you for your Reply i “found the” but I am a little confused what is the configuration I need to do, instead of that java class is there any possibility to create within universal messaging enterprise manager.

Thanks in Advance…!

Hi Pranitha,

Here is Screenshot to configure Dead event store for channel from EM, It will be same for queue as well.

If the configured channel TTL/event TTL expires or Channel capacity exceeds and the events are not consumed then they will move to configured dead event store.


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