How to concatenation customer and partner address fileds

i have data in customer field
1)address1 2)address2 3)city 4)state 5)zip code…

i need to concatenation into partner field with single name like
1)Mailing Address
above all customer address fields must me appear into one form;

how to do ?
please make it clearly


For accomplishing above you can either use flowservice pub.string:concat by calling multiple times or do a variable substituion %% unless all the info will always exists or write a java service and build the concatenation of all the fields.


Thanx for your i am publishing locally,my task is to communicate -customer and partner,i created two diff users in the databases and i can created pool connection.i have adapter connection ,then i am not getting where i have to start my work.

if possible make it clear for me.

For the first item, since you are continating multiple items, maybe use, then use a template to pull out the values as needed. You can also do formatting on them, so if address1 isn’t populated, you can ignore that line. At least take a look…

For the new question, I don’t completely understand the problem, so I’ll just guess

I am guessing that you have gotten as far as creating the document, setting it as publishable, and publishing the document locally. You also need to create a trigger so the IS knows what to do with published documents. You set the document and the service to execute in this trigger. Put a savePipeline on the service being executed by the trigger so you know you have received it. The document is received as a document named “folder.folder.folder:Document”, so watch for that.

For the first question, another often-overlooked option is pub.string:messageBuilder … You can edit it’s ‘pattern’ input, right click, choose ‘use larger editor’, then edit to your hearts content using newlines etc. For eg:
“Address 1 = {1}
Another field = {2}”