How to change the web service connector address between dev and prod environment?

Hi guys:

I am in a problem of web service connector.

I created several web service connector in portlet. a default logical server IP address is used in their end point address and authentication info.
well, now, I want to migrate the portlets from dev server to prod server. and I need to point the webService to another IS server. how can I do it?
it seems there is no configuration can be used to change this except for changing them one by one in portlet design in wM designer.
can any body help me on this?
thank you very much in advance!


Hi Jacky, I have the same question. Just wonder if you have any solution for changing the endpoints in different environments yet? If you do, please share.Thanks a lot.

Hi iengca:

yes, we have solved this. Actually there is no central control for this web service connectors and you have to set them in each portlet settings. I wrote a guide long time ago, I can only tell you in strings since I can’t put picture here. if you really want it, you can give me your email and I can send you.

you can do this in this way:
1. Bind the end point address and user name and password to environment variables
a) End point address à wsclient-endpointaddress
b) Authentication info/usernameàwsclient-username
c) Authentication info/passwordàwsclient-password

2. Publish your project after edit
3. Login MWS as sysadmin
4. Go to Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > CAF Application Runtime Configuration the following screenshots are how you can get there

5. Search and open your project
6. Click the Environment Entriesto open environment variables
7. Enter wsclient-endpointAddress, wsclient-username and wsclient-password

hope this can help you

Hi Jacky,This is very helpful steps.But in step 7. Enter wsclient-endpointAddress, wsclient-username and wsclient-password:I find the original password put in there is encrypted. So when you change the password, do you need to put in the new encrypted password as well? If yes, how can I get the encrypted version of my password?Please advise.

the NOT encrypted password also works.

actually it depends on your security consideration.
if you don’t want any other people, who has the sysadmin rights, to get the pwd from here, just encrypted it.

to do this, you can either search for DES or check in such folder “[webMethods root]\MWS\server\default\deploy[your project name]\WEB-INF\wsclients.xml”

- <webservice isConnectionURL="http://localhost:5555" isService="WmTestCase.wm_test.flowServices:searchRequirements" name="searchRequirements" package="" password="{DES}vrFIelCdkow=" requiresAuth="true" soapLibrary="glue" username="Administrator"

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