How to catch the technical exceptions on the workflow

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I want to manage the technical exceptions on the BPM which not expected and could damage the running processes then the goal is to know how to catch them and to handle these types errors occuring on each activity of Workflow.


Hi Brice,

BPM provides a way to handle exceptions at process level. You can add a “Service Task” activity and from the process level properties → Error, you can select the Error Handler Yask. You can use this service in any way you like.



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The BPMN way is to attach an intermediate boundary error event to every step you want to check for error and drag a line to the error handle step (this way you may have different error handlers for different steps).
In webMethods processes it is also possible to declare a process wide error step (in the process properties), which is called whenever an exception is not caught by a boundary error event.

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