how to call a restfull web service

Dear All,

I need to call some restfull web services .First I know I must create some corresponding web descripters . I usually do it through SOAP Web service with WSDL.but now without WSDL ,what should I do ? Or is there something wrong I have made .


REST interfaces are typically not (never?) based upon SOAP. So you will not create web descriptors. A WSDL will not exist. You will use pub.client:http within the services you create to make the RESTful call.

If the interface will be such that URLs of sub-elements will be provided within a “parent” document (e.g. PO contains URL links to the items within) then your wM IS services will need to account for that. If the URLs are effectively static (which isn’t really RESTful) then just treat it as plain XML (or whatever media type) over HTTP.

[Edit] Don’t equate mere use of HTTP with REST. Simply using POX over HTTP does not make an interface RESTful. There is much more to REST than this (and REST does not prescribe the use of HTTP).

Hi Reamon ,

Your response is important for me. Firstly contact with the restfull web service ,i will do a lot .I will ponder your message seriously. Thanks for your help