How to call a console based application through webMethods

Hi All,

I have a console based application that can be called from a command line by passing three parameters.This application is running on another machine other than where the webMethods IS is running,
Is there any possibility to call that application through wM by passing those three parameters? If so what are the configuations we need to set up at wM end and whar are all the details that need to be captured about the application.

I am using wM 7.1.2

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

There is a sample package OpenSSH available uasing which you can perform remote calls using ssh. Is basically a short wrapper performing ssh (or sftp, scp) calls relying on the implementations of the underlying operating system. So on Unix / Linux itÄs usually running out of the box, for windows you may need to install OpenSsh first.
Nevertheless you should reconsider if you really need to call external commands from inside webMethods. Quite often the other way round end up in a better architecture.