How to authenticate with the WebM REST API using Python


First, I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.

I developed a simple Rest API using Software AG Designer by creating Rest Resource and the Rest API descriptor to send a string data and then process it using a flow service.

If I use an API test software just like Postman or Insomnia setting the Authentication header everything works fine and the API executes with no problem.

But, when I try to send the data with the python code below:

json_content =

It always returns “‘[ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied’”.

I didn’t figure out what is wrong with this code, I’m sending the correct auth.

Please, is there anything else that I should do?

Thank you

Please post this question to the webMethods API Gateway forum.

Btw, what you can do is to enable detail logging(TRACE level) for subsystem HTTP Header, HTTP Request, HTTP Reply and HTTP Cookie to see whether your request did in fact submitted with Basic Authentication HTTP Header. Compare the one successful and failed would actually give you a good clue what was missing. Also you might want to enable detail logging for subsystem authentication and authorization to see more info.