How to assign Document list as Input/Output


I have generated a modeler in which a step is suppose to have Document list as output. I don’t find any method to add a Document list to the input/Output step. Can some one help me out to resolve this issue.


This should definitely work:[INDENT]If the step that you want to output the document list from is invoking a flow service, then define the document list in the flow service as an output. You should then be able to go into Modeler and into the “Edit Inputs/Outputs” dialog and select the document list by clicking on “Add Output”. (Note, if you already had the service associated with the model step, you may have to refresh the services in modeler and "reassociate"the service with the step.)
[/INDENT]Never really tried this, but I think it should work as well:[INDENT]From within the “Edit Inputs/Outputs” dialog, click on “Add Field”. Give the field a name that matches the document list name in the pipeline and then make the field of type “Object” and check the “List” check box.