How to archive

I need to archive all the Transactional data (bizdoc, activitylog etc…) older than 3 months and delete all the data older than 1 year. Can anyone give me the complete procedure to do this?

There is a service “”, and it deletes data from BizDoc table. “” has two parameters;

  1. archibeAfterDays
  2. deleteAfterDays
    and you can specifiy when data should be moved from BizDoc table to BizDocArchive (by 1) and when data in BizDoc table and other log tables should be deleted.

For more information about this service follow TNProgrammersReference.pdf which will be in the TN Docs folder.

also see:


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I found a property in the TN properties file, tn.archive.archiveAfterDays. Does it do the same thing as running the service? Also, there is a property for delete (tn.archive.deleteAfterDays).


Hi Guys,
The service provides a way to archive/delete docs from the bizdoc table based on the number of days. But, I don’t want a couple of document types to be archived or deleted. How do i achieve this?

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invoking service and then deleting the activity log using TNConsole doesn’t remove the data from PROCESSSTEP, TNPROCESS and TNROLEBINDING tables. How do i delete data from these tables? should i just use sql queries to delete the data based on the dates? TNRoleBinding doesn’t even have any dates, then how do i delete the data?

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Just related to this thread is it correct that wM uses only following tables for TN to store transactional data


Also when u use the archive service, it puts BizDoc’s and content in archive tables. Will these Bizdocs still be accessible or queriable via TN Console???

How do people clear the TN database, so that you dont loose important information, like this documents received and send, these conversations errored out and still can clear some space. Like delete old data from ProcessStep while preserving corresponding info in Process and TNProcess table.


You cannot query the bizdocs from the archive tables using TNConsole.
Using the archive service deletes/archives data from the bizdoc and bizdoccontent tables. This service does not delete the data in process, TNProcess, activitylog etc tables. To delete the data from these tables, use the service with fromRepoOnly set to false.

Hope this helps.

what is the general practice for archiving, if one receives heavy volume on TN.

  • If one uses archive service, then u cant query that documents from TN Console, hence u need to built another small application to make querying access available to users for these archive tables

  • I wud assume, a company wud store say 3 months of data as active transactional. Rest u delete frm main and back it up, then u use another TN Console configured to use this backedup or archived database for querying purpose.


Good day, I want to make a dsp where it contain data which it can be delete by button, but I can’t make it happen because I don’t what service can delete data in data base from web methods.

Do I have make another adapter service for delete ?
Where I can put them, cause I want the adapter service for viewing data from data base, inserting into data base and delete run together in one dsp…

could you help me please…



Best way to archive this would be have another archive database which is a replica in terms of database schema. Then have a scheduled service in the database which transfers all the data to the archive database. You can optionally have another TN instance accessing this database in case your partners would like to view these archived documents.

To delete documents you have the service ‘’, which could be used to delete the required documents.

-Rajesh Rao