How to architect so there wont be data loss

I am new to webMethods. We use the IS & TN 4.6 version. The current setup between us & a trading partner baffles me. Lets say for regular maintanence, our WM comes down (or even for some prob, WM comes down on our end), Trading Partner tries to re-send the queued up data for 5 times, with the interval of 5 mins, and if our WM is still not up, the data gets errored out on their end.

  1. Is there any ill-effects to increase the re-try count to a big number say 1000, so that we wont lose any data?
  2. Shouldnt that be the inherent behaviour of an eAI Tool, so that there wont be any data loss.

Like I mentioned before I am new to webMethods. Is there any config / setup in TN that can be done to prevent any data loss on either side, if the other Partner comes down ( or even network connectivity issues)?

Any WM Gurus pls advice.


Yes you can increase the retry factors. There is one excel document on this site to set the retry factor.You can set it based on yours business requirements.


Why not you try a fail over server, that way you can one server up when one fails. May be asking a Trading Partner to change the number of retrys will not work (due to “red-tape”).

let me know what solutions you found for this.