How to Add search Feature in Developer Portal?

Hi Everyone,

I need to search my content on developer portal. Default global search component is not searching in my custom pages it only search in default pages like API Gallery etc. Is there any way to customize the global search or to add a search feature in Developer portal


Global Search Component will be present in all the pages by default. The behavior will be same across the pages.

Can you please share the screenshot of the issue you are facing?

There are a few ways to customize the search functionality on your developer portal. One option is to use a third-party search service such as Algolia or Elasticsearch to power your search. These services offer more advanced search capabilities and can be integrated into your developer portal.

Another option is to customize the global search component to include your custom pages. This can typically be done through configuration or code changes in your developer portal platform.

If you provide more information about your developer portal platform and the technologies you are using, I may be able to provide more specific guidance.

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