How to add link in same post

Hi in my post I have added reference section and I want add link to it from respective section. I added following, but it is not working. Can you please guide me how to solve this.
Source → [1]

Destination → Adding a Partner Profile

This is my post Support for 2-way-SSL (Client Certificate) in B2B - Knowledge base - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

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There isn’t a way to link a section of a post, within the same post, yet. Have you tried the quote feature as a temporary workaround?

For example, I’ve quoted this same post here -

Yes, it does not look neat.


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Hi @Baijnath_Kumar1,

Yes, as Kasi already replied it’s not possible currently.
Give me few weeks to check. I think we could add it as a feature.



please update us when this feature is available

This should work now.
It’s using the markdown footnotes synthax. e.g.

Here is a footnote reference,[^1] and another.[^2]

[^1]: Here is the footnote.

[^2]: Here's number two.

Will show as:

Here is a footnote reference,[1] and another.[2]

  1. Here is the footnote. ↩︎

  2. Here’s number two. ↩︎


For more information check markdown-it/markdown-it-footnote: Footnotes plugin for markdown-it markdown parser (

I’ve also updated the article Support for 2-way-SSL (Client Certificate) in B2B in order to support the new syntax.


Thanks @toni.petrov.