how to add hashAlgorithm on webmethod 7.1

I’m using web mtehod 7.1
I mainly use WmRosettaNet pacakage.
There is Only SHA-1 HashAlgorithm in that package.
Is there any way to add other hashalgorithm?
anyone know the way please help

thank you

It’s pretty old code base and there is no way you can add SHA2 algo etc… Is there any possibility for you to migrate new versions 9.x or so?


RosettaNet up to 2.0 only support SHA-1 and MD5, even newer WM version won’t support other values in this setting (although the platform support such algorithm).
I guess you have to stay with SHA-1 for now (MD5 is less secure, so no point of pursuing it)

Thank you for kind response

i updated our WM to 9.1. I found more options on HashAlorithm.

But RosetaNet only support SHA-1, MD5 then these options ( SHA-256 , SHA-256 , …) is not useful ?

I heard SHA-1 certification is only valid untill 2016.

I think Rosettanet with SHA-1 should change their spec.

Is there any update to Rosettanet due to SHA-1 certification expire?

I’m checking with 9.8 version, I don’t have values other than SHA-1 and MD5. Not sure why 9.1 has other values.
Anyway, you can try.

The type of cert (SHA-1 or SHA-256) has nothing to do with the HashAlgorithm used in the RN transactions.

Although RN standard has limitations, you can still choose other algorithm to use, as long as:
–your platform will allow you to use other algorithm when generating the Hash/signature
–your partner’s system will support the same algorithm when they verify the signature

If you must use newer algorithms (SHA-256 etc.), talk to your partners, do some tests, hope it will work.

Please check with SAG support as well and make the conclusion to pursue further and so you will get confirmation!