How to access the data recieved by the service

Hi All,

We are accessing the service using an URL from a jsp page(which not related to webMethods). The work of that service is it will return some values to the jsp.Now my question is how to use that output which i got from the service in jsp.


You can go through the the above guide which shows all the webMethods JSP library tags you can use.

Thanks for your reply.

I guess the guide shows how to develop the jsp’s in the integration server.what my situation is application server was different and we are calling the webMethods service and using the results of this service i want to use those results in that jsp page.


I haven’t tried it myself but you should be able to simply treat output IS service as HTTP reponse.

It mean shud we need to psot the required the data to the jsp page…by using http client…if you know the implementation could you pls explain it to me…