How to access the certificateAliases returned from service

Hello All…
There WmRoot service at runtime returns a string list certifcateAliases for individual trustStores configured… I wanted to access these certificateAliases in my flow service like trustStores/certificateAliases[0] but somehow it does not work and I am not able to access certificateAliases emements… Also I tried mapping the certificatesAliases returned to string list. But when i debug the string list too is not getting populated and I dont see my stringList in the pipeLine… Could anyone help me? :frowning:

Try the below services call them in your flow service you should be seeing the output results in the pipeline and you can map accordingly:

Hello Mahesh,
Thanks for the anwser, but the problem is that inspite of seeing the certificateAliases string list in the output, I am not bale to map to my tempStringlist…

Can you share the screen shots.

The output of is trustStores

In the pipeline copy the trustStores and rename as trustStores_1 and then you can see the results. I guess i did not misunderstood your query.