How to access propery of a varaible in flow service at run time?

I want to access and change property of a varaible at runtime.
e.g. A flow service has inp1 variable.It has property of “AllowNull” True.
I want to change it to False at run time, how can I do that.

Please help

Not that I know of, but what are you trying to accomplish? There may be other ways to meet your objective…

The objective here is -

I have a UDM doc, all its fields of the doc have constraint AllowNull set to False.Now I want to change this field to True.Changing property for all fields manually is a cumbersome job as the doc conatins thousand of fields.So I want to make a service (flow or java) so that I can change this property for all fields.

The property I am refering here is , when you click on some filed of any document,in the Properties Pane you can see properties of that field.If you look at “Constarints” property in the pane, you can see AllowNull property. I want to change this property for every field in the document.

I suppose I have made my question quite clear now.

You could modify the node.ndf file that contains the document definition and change the field / record definitions from:[INDENT]true
[/INDENT]If you just have one document than you could easily do this with a search and replace in vi or notepad. (You’ll need to reload the package that contains this document after you make this change - otherwise it won’t show up).

Or, if you want something fancier, you could always write a java service (or flow service) to edit the node.ndf xml directly.

If you generated your document from a schema though, I would strongly recommend modifying the schema and then re-generating the document type.

Hope that helps…