How to access from IS Service to MWS Role Attributes

Is there any way to access from a IS Service to attributes or dynamic attributes of a role, group or user of MWS directory?

I don’t think so but you may check the WmISExtDC services if that can be done.


This package does not contain any service that I can pass the user/group/role name and attribute name to obtain as a parameter.

Other than that package there is no other way to access it programmatically as the MWS layer to IS calls are by SOAP/web service thru/SAML thru.



Have you considered using the Common Directory Search (CDS) API?

Does this fixes your problem?

The code might look like this:

IDirectorySessionds = DirectorySystemFactory.getDirectorySystem().createSession();
List<IDirectoryRole> roleList = ds.listRoles();

for (IDirectoryRole i : roleList){			
        String myAttribute= (String)i.getAttribute("myAttribute");	
        //manipulate the attribute as you wish

Please let me know if this fixes your problem.

Vlad Turian

The Package WmISExtDC is not usable for this requirement.

It is part of Optimize for Infrastructure and enables it to retrieve the neccessary data for calculating KPIs.

I agree with Vlad. His approach sounds valuable.