how many ways are there to submit data(XML,EDI) to the Trading Networks??

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Im new to TN so please list ways of submitting data to the TN.


You can use these main/core services to submit (EDI/XML/FlatFile data) (prefer to use this) (gateway service)

Also you should review this online documentation for more help on the above TN services mentioned above and basics:



Why do you recommend routeXML?

I always recommend this for internal usage (service routing to TN) rather than using gateway service (tn:receive) from external world to TN…

Isn’t that you follow the same way? Do you agree?


No. I use unless there is a specific reason not to.

Generally, I don’t expose any of the services outside of the wM IS/TN environment.

I was telling to use routeXML (Internally) and ofcourse (tn:receive) will be the gateway service:

We should be on the same page now!

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I think we agree that services should only be used internally, never exposed to other applications or partners. Even should not be called by anything outside of IS.

Where we may still disagree is using routeXML by default. I would use receive by default and routeXML only when there is a specific reason to do so.

Thanks rmg & reamon for ur valuable suggestions.
But can sum1 plz clarify that which service has to be used by default(routeXML or receive). (use this to receive documents from the external world to TN gateway)

routeXML (use this when you develop any internal routing frame work for e.g:backend/canonical/EDI conversion that should route via TN)


In my opinion, the default to use is

For me, it is immaterial whether the communication is inside or outside. And nothing outside of wM IS should call receive directly. Always provide what TN refers to as a gateway service for others to call. Within that service, call receive.

Agreed…Yes from external Reverse Gateway should make a call to Internal IS/TN gateway service as a standard practice:

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Thanks a lot for clearifying the query.

you bet!