How insert data in database using text box.

Hello good afternoon:

I’m new to this tool and I have to make an application to insert data into a database using a text box, the problem is that when I build the query I can not insert the parameters for you to read the text boxes.

Someone can tell me how to do it please.

CAF is built to leverage your existing ESB / BPM solutions to provide an Interactive Browser based Web Application.

If you already have an IS service that inserts data to your database, then the recommended way to do this is to convert the service into a web Service and drag and drop this webservice on your CAF Designer Portlet / Web App canvas. I call this approach the “Bottom Up” approach where your DB is at the bottom of the Application stack and your web front end is at the top.

I think you may be attempting to do a “Top Down” approach.

Let me know if any of this did not make sense and I am glad to assist.



Actually I am in a Test side so I have no service done so and try to make my portlet as a demonstration and I hope I can help with any other suggestions on how to obtain the values of the boxes and put them in the query to be insert records in the database

BTW, there is some pretty good introduction training around CAF that would give you an idea about how to build a basic database entry application. Let me know if you need help learning about the available training.