How does WM internally handle flat file data..?

Hello group,

i would like to know as to how does WM handle flatfile data during conversion…? Taking for example and flatfile to idoc conversion,i mean to my understanding, the incoming data is converted to a canonical XML format, the manipulations are done on this XML data and then stored into the target fields…

Can anyone clarify if my understanging is correct.




Basically for processing flatfiles in wM IS first you have to create flatfile schema/document type (IDATA) based on your file layout (fixedlength or variable or delimiter based) using the Developer IDE.So webMethods this will parse the flatfile using (WmFlatFile adapter services) once you parse it successfully then map your source flatfile document/fields to target IDOC xml structure(Segments/Fields) and process the IDOC to SAP or to any database what ever your requirement says.

For more information,please go ISFlatFileSchemaUserguide,SAPAdapterUserguide,DeveloperBISuserguide documents for better understanding ff,xml,idoc implementations.