How do we retrieve "Authorization" header value from a REST call

I need to retrieve the “Authorization” header value from a REST resource. I tried using pub.flow:getTransportInfo but it does not work for “Authorization”.

We would get a custom bearer token in the Authorization header and need to validate it.

When trying to pass the Authorization header, the request if failing with below error message.

error_description=[ISS.0010.8044] Integration Server rejected the request to access this resource.

Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If you are using https, the authentication info are pass during SSL/TLS handshake, it’s not passed in the http header.
I guess that’s why you won’t see it.

It works for REST over HTTP, not test for HTTPS.

Thanks for the replies. I am trying over http and not using https and it is failing.

Is there a wmPublic service that i can use to get the header value for Authorization?

Try to increase logging level to debug and try again, you should see more.

What is your IS version that you are trying this test?