How do I reprocess a transaction from a DSP page?

Hi All,

We are using WM6.5 with no SP and JVM (48.0) on unix box.

There are a lot of transactions which are requried to be manually reprocessed thru the TNconsole.

We wish to have a custom DSP page with these features :

  1. Page same as

the standard looking WmTNWeb page which has only transactions as the Menu item (this I have managed to achieve).

  1. Search using the standard DSP functionality.
  2. The custom display should have check box at the right end of every transaction.
  3. A single button (may be submit or normal butto which invokes a service) when clicked will submit all SELECTED transactions for reprocessing to TN.
  4. Search with same criteria as in point 2 and display.

I could manage point 1, 2,3.

I know is used to reprocess but it takes the input as “internalID” and the standard DSP search page does not return “internalID”.

My Question is how do I reprocess the transaction using a custom DSP page ? If needed what modifications are needed or which service will fetch me “internalID” as well ?


Use “” to create the Query and “” to pull the document with that query. You will get the internalID of each transaction in the result related to that query.

Thanks Talha.

So I am using the FORM and able to use the service as mentioned and can do a documentQuery. How do I format the output in a custom DSP page as the basic “documentQuery” returns many fields. Where as I wish to only display few fields in the custom DSP page.


Create another Document with desired fields, map those values into it from the output of documentQuery service and drop everything else.


Thanks buddy.

DSP1 ==> flow service 1 ==> How do I invoked the other document and how do I pass variables from service to other document?


I meant in your flow service 1 after calling “documentQuery”, add a map step and in that map step create another document with your desired fields, pass the values from documentQuery results and then display this new document in DSP. So in other words the creation, mapping and dropping of unrequired fields will occur in Flow service1.