How do I launch an AJAX app from a Natural greenscreen

Currently we are launching AJAX apps from green screens in the following way:

  1. Open a mainframe session (greenscreen) within a web browser
  2. Have a JAVAscript looking for a specific value (text string) in a specific position on a greenscreen map
  3. Upon detecting such a value, launch a specific URL (in this case the AJAX app)

Is there a better mechanism to do this instead of having to resort to a JAVAscript running in a browser?

Also, once the AJAX app is closed via a “Cancel button” (in effect just escaping from the Natural program, how do we return to the greenscreen?

This is documented in the Windows version of Natural for AJAX. If this link doesn’t work:
then get the manual and navigate to
Developing the Application Code
Using Natural Maps

Below that you’ll see Navigating between Pages and Maps. There are code samples.

I’m sorry to say that I have not yet tried this myself.