Closing Browser Window via Ajax App

We have a variety of applications (in Ajax) which we want to launch from a mainframe session running within a browser window, or alternatively, as a stand alone application accessed via a link on another web page.

When launched as a stand alone app, we would like the browser window to close down when the user clicks on, let’s say, a cancel button in the Ajax window. We don’t want to force the user to manually go and close the browser window in order to close down the app. Ideally we would like the user to end the app which will then automatically close down the broser window.

Is this possible and how would we do that?

Hi Werner,

The usual way to signal the close of a WebApplication to the user is to navigate to a corresponding “End Application” page. This means: The browser usually remains open, but a nicely designed “End Application” page signals that the application has been finished. This page can for instance contain only an image or additional an OK button or the like. All possible actions will close the Natural Application: If the user presses the OK button, if the user closes the browser…
This can easily be implemented with NATPAGES.

Why do you want to close the complete browser? It’s very unusal for applications running in a browser.

Best Regards,

Thank you Christine.

The apps are opened via our Intranet, each time in a new browser. There was a request from business to close the browser when finishing the app in order to prevent the user ending up with numerous open browsers (although the app itself would be finished). Also, we currently have a problem, when a user closes an app, the screen displays a stack error for some reason, which our DBA’s are trying to resolve.

We thought we could bypass this message by closing the browser automatically until we have the stack error sorted.