How do i deploy using pub -sub model in Integration server


I know how to deploy packages through deployer in WM 7.1

How do i deploy packages through Pub-Sub Model withouth using deployer

this is because there is a cluster so please help me with the steps


What pub-sub packages are you asking about?

Aren’t those regular packages as other’s? you mean that package contains the notifications/triggers etc…?

Yes you can still deploy those as a package assets to all the cluster nodes.

Are you seeing any issues deploying it?


thanks rmg

i need to deploy packages using different method

Not the deployer

Please can you help me through the steps


I would suggest use the Deployer tool is always best to start with.

Also you can deploy various manual ways for deploying a package.

From folder system level from source /IS/packages/yourpackage to target IS/packages/yourpackage

From IS Admin console Packages–>Publishing and Subscribing

From programmatically developed services using Wmpublic package services but this is nothing but you are reinventing Deployer tool :frowning:



There are 3 ways you can migrate packages:

  1. Deployer
  2. What suggested by RMG [Publishing/Subscribing of package]
  3. Manually archiving and placing the .zip into target machine /replicate/inbound and installing from package management.

Can you please enlighten us what is “different method” you are looking for?


  1. What suggested by RMG [Publishing/Subscribing of package]

This is the method i wanted to know in detail

Please do the following steps:

1.Packages > Publishing > Add Subscriber (Select the package from the Packages list that you want to deploy to the target IS and provide the target IS Administrator details)
3.Packages > Publishing > Create and Delete Releases
4.Click on Send Release to the Subscriber that you added.